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I saw a newscast about a British newscaster’s phone call for a private car to pick up her 14 year old daughter. She asked that the driver ‘not be Asia, a woman would be better.’ But no turbans. ‘She will freak out.’ She explained she wasn’t speaking to be racist, but ‘this is a 14 year old girl we’re talking about.

Shutting down Well 15 would reduce the overall reliability of the water supply system on the east and north sides of Madison during summer months (the area east of the Yahara River, from the northern city limits to Buckeye Rd). In 2018, Well 15 pumped 370 million gallons of water into the system. Less than one percent of the water is consumed.

Prof Hui Zheng, a sociologist at The Ohio State University, said: “The main message is for those who start at a normal weight in early adulthood, gaining a modest amount of weight throughout life and entering the overweight category in later adulthood can actually increase the probability of survival.” Prof Zheng and colleagues analysed 8,329 participants in the Framingham Heart Study 4,576 parents and 3,753 of their children. Residents of the Massachusetts town have been tracked since 1948. The parents were followed until 2010 and the children from 1971 until 2014..

The new Nintendo Switch system bundle is sold out. (We’d be worried if it wasn’t.) If you were lucky enough to claim one, your next steps are to get that Switch Online account up and running. A $34.99 bundle from Walmart offers a 12 month subscription and tacks on a free 128GB SanDisk microSD Memory Card a must have if you’ll be accumulating a lot of games.

John Doerr: Great question. I think we on the verge of a third great wave of innovation. The first was the microchip and the PC in the early 80s. Please refer to case number 21 33726. There was no indication that the vandalism was protest related. PPB.

2nd) POSTAL SERVICE: I had heard concerns that the USPS could potentially suspend delivery in at least one neighborhood because of the overall condition of the streets after recent snow falls. I worked with US Representative Mark Pocan’s office and learned that the post office was indeed out in one neighborhood, taking pictures and accessing the condition of the streets to see if a future suspension of mail delivery might be warranted. Prior to the February 2nd melting and clearing, I had been assured that there were NOT plans to stop USPS delivery.

Like all symphonies, each part must work in harmony to contribute to the beautiful sound and functioning of the whole.Most startups and early stage entrepreneurs tell me, giving 100% to the business and going all out all the time. But this is only an effective recipe for burnout. Here how to change your thinking and, in the process, change your business.Start With Self OptimizationTo be an effective leader you must first take care of you.What the first thing you do before starting your business day? Most people reach for their cell phone.

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