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9. 52071 Amending the “City of Madison TIF Loan Underwriting Policy” and “City of Madison TIF Goals, Objectives, and Process” dated February 25, 2014 with changes to the “Jobs Project” section (aka Jobs TIF); and, directing staff to prepare program guidelines for a new “Small Cap” Business TIF Program targeted at small businesses. The Jobs Project section will be amended so that the current 60% net present value and 40% net present value options for a Jobs Project are consolidated to include only the 40% net present value Gap Analysis Waiver underwriting standard to qualified Employers.

There are a few out there. Maybe they gain traction, but probably not. At this point it kinda like asking “what a good alternative to Slickdeals.” There really isn one. Yukon is reporting 80 new vaccinations administered for a total of 11,514 doses given. The territory has administered doses at a rate of 275.91 per 1,000. There were zero new vaccines delivered to Yukon for a total of 14,400 doses delivered so far.

You add ground coffee, then slowly add a bit of water to bloom the grounds, then add remaining (ice) water and, finally, adjust the drip valve to let the water drip through the coffee at the rate of about one drip per second. So with this setup, you’re actually very slowly brewing the coffee, one drip at a time, over about six hours. Watching this brewer do its magic is mesmerizing and worthy of a time lapse video this is perhaps the Technivorm MoccaMaster of cold brewers and for that reason, plenty of users will love it.

I think they helped me look beyond what I felt were some limitations. Turned out to be a very strategic position was our investment in tourism, Mayor of Niagara Falls Paul Dyster said. Paid off in terms of economic development. Nearly three years after the the reversible connector made an appearance on a mainstream device, and two and a half years since USB Type C was first seen on laptops and smartphones, it’s still incredibly hard to find Type C accessories. For most people, this is not a problem if you have a smartphone with a Type C port but no headphone jack, the manufacturer likely bundled a Type C to 3.5mm adapter and/ or Type C earphones in the box. If the Type C port is used only for data transfer and charging, you probably won’t even notice the difference..

Coincidentally, Gamma Ray bursts, astronomers say, are the most powerful explosions in the Universe. In a split second, a star with many times the mass of our Sun collapses into a black hole, and its outer layers are ejected away from the core. Twin beams blast out of the star.

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