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The occasion was the 250th anniversary of the installation of the first mayor and board of aldermen of the City of New York in 1665, marking the beginning of “New York City” under the English and the end of Dutch rule over New Amsterdam aside from a period in 1673 74 when the Netherlands regained control. The blue white orange tricolor produced by the mayor’s committee and approved by the city aldermen in 1915 was a smashing victory of design, and has flown proudly and distinctively over New York’s skyline for the last 105 years. The city flag and the seal that it bears combine the colors of the Dutch Republic’s flag with a “distinctively American” eagle crest on the city’s English style arms, creating a bold emblem that unmistakably represents New York and its past.

DRAFTER’S ANALYSIS: Staff recently noticed that a footnote in the minimum maximum setback requirement for East West streets was internally inconsistent because for some blocks footnote 4 sets a different setback requirement than the corresponding column. The column requires a 15 foot setback while the footnote would allow a 5 20 foot setback. Since the Minimum Maximum Setback East West Streets column already specifies which blocks require the 5 20 foot setback and which require the 15 foot setback, the footnote is unnecessary.

Prof Hui Zheng, a sociologist at The Ohio State University, said: “The main message is for those who start at a normal weight in early adulthood, gaining a modest amount of weight throughout life and entering the overweight category in later adulthood can actually increase the probability of survival.” Prof Zheng and colleagues analysed 8,329 participants in the Framingham Heart Study 4,576 parents and 3,753 of their children. Residents of the Massachusetts town have been tracked since 1948. The parents were followed until 2010 and the children from 1971 until 2014..

What most casual fans and consumers fail to realize is that Frank Castle is a psychopath. He went to war (canonically Vietnam) and enjoyed killing, and missed it when he finally came home. When his family was murdered, it gave him an excuse to do the thing he loves most: to kill without compromise, without the drag of due process.

Act I: Republican state Rep. Jim Spillane posts on Facebook that it’s open season on any house with a Black Lives Matter sign posted on its lawn. If you see one, his post reads, you’re “free to loot and burn that house.” Another state representative, Republican Dawn Johnson, posts an article on her own social media from a known neo Nazi site that includes a Jewish caricature and a racial slur.

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