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The City of Madison Mayor Neighborhood Conferences and Roundtables bring together hundreds of the most thoughtful, conscious, and caring people involved in neighborhoods across our city. Our community wide conference/roundtable are about making new connections, forming new partnerships, and strategizing together about how we can celebrate and tackle our neighborhoods greatest challenges. It is also about expression showcasing some of the coolest place making projects, applaud creative ways neighbors achieved desired changes, and celebrate the work that residents do to make their block and neighborhood a better place to live..

Whether you’re starting 2021 with a Dryuary or toasting the New Year until the fetid smell of 2020 has worn off, January’s become a time to get thoughtful about alcohol what we love, what we hate and what role it plays in our newly pandemic stricken social lives. It’s also the month when, in 1919, Arkansas ratified the Eighteenth Amendment, establishing prohibition in the state and ushering in a formalized relationship between booze and government. So, in January 2021, theArkansas Timesraises a glass to all things boozy with a series we’re callingDrink/Drank/Drunk: our city’s great cocktails and mocktails, the history of temperance in the state,brews to try before you die, a boozy playlist and more..

The public is invited to attend a virtual public information meeting focusing on sanitary sewer improvements for East Gorham St. The project spans East Gorham between North Butler and North Livingston Streets. It is being held virtually to support COVID 19 social distancing requirements.

Treatment by managers varies a lot depending on who owns the franchise and who runs each location.And then you have a ton of extra modalities like Thai and Lomi lomi and the ones mentioned up above, all of which are their own thing and really cool. CEs let you really explore what out there and figure out what you want to incorporate into your own style (although if you learning a culturally linked massage, it really benefits you to go to the source and learn there, rather than a commercialized American watered down version).It always good in any massage to clearly communicate “That hurts” or “That feels great.” The caveat here is that a student is likely too inexperienced to know when to move on from a “that feels great” area, so you run the risk of them hyperfocusing on it and actually making it worse by overworking the tissue. I wouldn say that that common but it not uncommon with students, either.It not your job to educate the student (beyond filling out a feedback form at the end, possibly), but it is important in any massage to communicate how something feels, purely because we don know unless you tell us, and that valuable information.

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