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Presentation: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Suspension of Roberts Rules of Order may occur on Agenda Item No. 6 to allow the subcommittee to act informally, thereby allowing for the public to participate in subcommittee discussions and provide testimony. The chair shall maintain order and decorum, any motions must remain in accord with Robert’s Rules; the suspension of the Rules applies only to this item..

Cramp loads a fish filled cooler, shark hooks, and a carefully wrapped satellite tag onto the boat. Then she shows the teens the drill: how to attach a GoPro camera and bait stick to a device that will moor them to the ocean floor and how to log the GPS coordinates so they can pull it up later. For her research project tagging sharks, she explains, they’d hook the animal, rope it to the side of the boat, cut a slit at the base of its dorsal fin, and slide in a satellite tag.

Our lovely, larrikin guide, Chris, showed me the most beautiful waterhole, something I never seen in real life. It was freezing but possibly one of the most peaceful encounters with nature I ever had, surrounded by stunning jagged red rocks, carved into the most inconceivable sculptural forms. It something I always wanted to do and once again, I was filled with gratitude that I live in a country that offers such a unique environment, arresting in its beauty..

La piattaforma considerata uno dei luoghi su cui i partecipanti all’assalto di Capitol Hill del 6 gennaio avrebbero incitato, preparato e poi commentato l’attacco. Per questo motivo, dopo essere stato bannato dagli app store di Google e Apple per la mancata moderazione dei contenuti estremi, Parler era stato rimosso dagli AWS, i server di Amazon, il 10 gennaio. Senza hosting, il sito, all’epoca con pi di 12 milioni di utenti, era andato offline..

Regarding Seller promotion, we have a “1 per 72 hour” rule for sellers promoting themselves, including if it’s done by a user on behalf of a seller. We’ve considered raising it to one per seven days, like Fashionreps. I would hope they aren’t just promoting stock photos, but for example, sometimes they’ll have an update about a specific sale, or progress on a new shoe being produced.

Outbreaks have created a wide disparity in games played the Vancouver Canucks have played 15 games to the Carolina Hurricanes eight, for example. It not clear when Cozens could return to the team, or when the Sabres facilities will reopen. Ravi Kahlon, minister of jobs, economic recovery and innovation, says the government is investing $12 million to help about 1,500 businesses launch or upgrade online stores.

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