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“We grew up in the ’80s, the era of Combos,” she continues. “We spent a lot of time brainstorming business plans over drinks, thinking what went well with booze. Our plan was to level up lame bar snacks.” Their pastry may have taken off more quickly, but their first big idea that popcorn is a sight to behold..

I would still take them to a vet for a checkup, to establish care and connect them to preventives. Remeber your new friend has been through the most stressful stuff a dog can through. Be patient and gentle with them. The one point deduction I’m taking is simply for the length of the film and a couple of the scenes ran a bit long. Withstanding that, this film is excellent, and I highly recommend it. Netflix continues to impress me with its selection of content.

The photographs in front of St. John’s captured the president’s fundamental discomfort with what it means to exist out in the open where people do not soothe him with flattery, where brute force is an accelerant, not an answer, and where imperfect lives spill outside their borders. Trump worked so hard for his flaccid, sanitized photograph: a man standing with nothing but white bureaucrats most of them men on the plaza in front of a neatly boarded up house of worship.

And Sen. Elizabeth Warren stood in an early childhood development center closed because of the pandemic and talked about the need for better child care because it is a kind of vital infrastructure that allows the country to excel, that allows mothers and fathers to succeed. And to make it personal, she told the story of almost having to quit an early job as a teacher because she didn’t have child care.

“The most important part of grief and this particular story, this particular film, is that it’s important for everybody to understand that it doesn’t matter how tough or how sad it is. You will come back. You will overcome that. The recommended groundwater standard announced today of 20 parts per trillion for PFOA and PFOS combined is nearly two times higher than levels detected at Well 15 on East Washington Avenue. Concentrations of PFOA and PFOS have hovered around 12 parts per trillion at the well since advanced testing began in 2017. While Well 15 water more than meets the recommended standard, Madison Water Utility will continue to operate the city’s water system without Well 15 for the time being as we work with state and local health experts, the Department of Natural Resources and the public to determine next steps for the well..

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