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Home SearchOn Wednesday, the Ministry of Health said there were 1,968 active cases in the province the lowest that number has been since it stood at 1,928 on Nov. 16.The province announced 180 new cases and 245 recoveries, as well as two more deaths.Two people from the Saskatoon zone one in their 70s and one in the 80 and over age group died due to COVID 19. The death toll in the province due to the virus rose to 348.The ministry also reported a business Bud’s on Broadway in Saskatoon had been fined $14,000 for failing to abide by public health orders.Three individuals were given $2,800 tickets for failing to wear masks in public places as required by the public health orders.”Public health will be determining whether tickets will be issued for breaches observed in Regina and Saskatoon on Sunday,” the ministry added in its media release.A look at the numbersThe new cases reported Wednesday increased the provincial total to date to 25,843.The cases were in the Regina (58), Saskatoon (43), far northwest (22), north central (19), northwest (17), central east (five), southeast (four), far northeast (three), northeast (two), far north central (one), central west (one) and south central (one) areas.The hometowns of four cases are being determined.The seven day average of new cases is 201, or 16.4 per 100,000 population.The number of hospitalizations in the province dropped to 196, the first time it has been under 200 since Jan.

We all know hyenas are super cool. That well established look at Bonzai, Shenzi, and Ed. They the wisecracking, ironic badasses of the animal kingdom (fittingly, the same role that bloggers fill in the human kingdom). The European Union rejected on Wednesday most of Britain demands for easier trade with Northern Ireland but said it was examining more flexibility on steel. The planned date for the mission will mark the centennial founding of the Turkish republic, while other goals announced include sending Turkish astronauts into space and developing internationally viable satellite systems. “Our primary and most important goal for our national space programme is the contact of the Republic, in its 100th year, with the moon,” the Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, said.

Makesure that you pick the correct size when it comes to choosing the costume. If you are not sure what size you are supposed to offer, it is recommended to discuss the requirements with the company. Many of the stores are happy to give advice about the size of the outfit.

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