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Think of it this way, instead of opening a store and selling only red delicious apples, sell oranges and pineapples and rice and bread and cans and boxes and etc. You are bound to sell one apple, one bag or rice etc etc a week and then you are not doing so badly. If you only have red delicious apples in your store, you are so much less likely to be able to earn the money you need to keep your store open..

Yet it seems, as with other laws meant to improve security, the real people punished are law abiding citizens. Of course, it could be worse: Full body scans are not required. At least, not yet.To hell with health insurance. Notably, an earlier report had claimed Amazon would launch its first smartphone in June, and also suggested that the company would ship smartphone to stores by the end of September.In the Amazon teaser video, at 41 seconds, a device pops out from the bottom of the screen revealing what is quite evidently a smartphone, housing 3.5mm audio jack and power button. Google+ user Aaron Kasten spotted the device first and said, “In that amazon link I just shared, a little pause of the video reveals, it’s a phone announcement.”The 50 second teaser video posted by Amazon shows people sharing their thoughts about the smartphone, while staring downward at something just off camera, moving their heads from side to side to try different vantage points. The people make comments about the yet to be announced device such as “I don’t know how you guys do it” and “It’s very real life”.Earlier leaks and rumours have been suggesting that the upcoming Amazon smartphone would make use of a combination of cameras, sensors and software for interacting with the device.

At the Super Bowl performance, Miley fringe had filled out, from a shaggy, barely there vibes to full, blocky, mid forehead length bangs. What more, much of the wispiness that defined her look as a had disappeared, with her fringe feeding diagonally across her face into the back lengths of her hair. Francis made the appeal in his annual foreign policy address to ambassadors accredited to the Holy See, an appointment that was postponed for two weeks after he suffered a bout of sciatica nerve pain that made standing and walking difficult.

Multiple Whitehall and EU sources have told that the European Commission is likely to agree to only a three to six month extension of the arrangements in place for traders moving goods between Britain and the province. Ahead of a crunch meeting in London on Thursday, EU figures also accused the UK of exploiting an international backlash against Brussels over its aborted move to erect a hard vaccine border on the island of Ireland. While the UK argues the controversy has highlighted the need for urgent solutions to the problems being experienced in Northern Ireland, EU diplomats claimed the issue was being used to try and force through a renegotiation of the agreement.

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