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A French submarine carried out a patrol through the South China Sea as part of efforts by France to challenge Beijing’s sweeping claims in the disputed waters. France’s defence minister Florence Parly tweeted late on Monday that the French nuclear attack submarine meraude and naval support ship Seine sailed through the contentious waters to “affirm that international law is the only rule that is valid, whatever the sea where we sail”. “This extraordinary patrol just completed its passage in the South China Sea,” she wrote.

The first time we put an LED on the side of a truck or trailer in this function, explains Tim Walker, Truck Lite vice president of Worldwide Sales. Using different types of diodes we made it cost effective. LED side turn lamps could qualify only as legal side markers, but could not qualify as side turn signals under SAE J2039.

Two groups have gathered at Allentown City Hall tonight: Black Lives Matter and a “Back the Blue.” The council will discuss possible changes to the police policy tonight. The national debate over police powers came home to Allentown when police were filmed kneeling on the head of an allegedly intoxicated man they were restraining July 11 outside St. Luke’s Sacred Heart Hospital..

Firstly, the policy aimed at increasing output and/or improving the sector’s competitiveness must identify and address technical inefficiencies among smallholder agricultural farmers. Failure to address such inefficiencies would lead to suboptimal performance operating on a lower production frontier. Secondly, the differences in crop level ecological supply elasticities support regional based agricultural policies rather than a one size fits all centralised agricultural policy..

The City Parking Utility has completed a parking study in the area surrounding Winnebago St. To have a better understanding of the parking utilization in the area. The study was done at different times both during and after the alternate side parking (ASP) rules.

Getting back to Mumbai felt good and a bit blah, too. It was only when I realised how I take aamchi Mumbai so much for granted, and how fabulous our city is, that Goa receded a little only a little. I plan to watch Bombay to Goa over the weekend and revisit a few exceptional memories of this amazing Goan getaway.

The art sale is in the MLK building from Nov. 30 (today) until Dec. On Dec. Rats underwent either medial meniscal transection (MNX) or sham surgery under anaesthesia. Rats received intra articular injection of either 1.5106 late passage MSCs labelled with 10g/ml SiMAG, 1.5106 late passage mesenchymal stem cells, the steroid Kenalog (200g/20L), 1.5106 early passage MSCs, or serum free media (SFM). Sham operated rats received intra articular injection of SFM.

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