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“This needs to be a top down approach,” Blackstock said. “Looking at everything within the system using a lens of racial equity. Down from how the CEO functions, how they choose people for the board of the hospital, how they recruit faculty then also looking at patient outcomes, disaggregated by race, and really prioritizing racial equity and antiracism work.”.

At its pre CES 2016 press conference, Samsung announced Notebook 9 laptop lineup, with two new models. The new Notebook 9 models come in two sizes: 13.3 inch and 15.6 inch, and run Windows 10 out of the box. Both the laptops will be available to purchase in select regions from March 2016.

I will never buy glasses from Warbly Parker because they only offer polycarbonate lenses. The fact that the glasses industry pushes expensive polycarbonate material as a “superior” product is completely asinine. I actually bought them as a backup, alternate (tortoise shell) to my much more expensive black Ray ban frames.

Perseverance is aiming for an ancient river delta that seems a logical spot for once harbouring life. This landing zone in Jezero Crater is so treacherous that NASA nixed it for Curiosity, but so tantalizing that scientists are keen to get hold of its rocks. “When the scientists take a look at a site like Jezero Crater, they see the promise, right?” said Al Chen, who’s in charge of the entry, descent and landing team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

“On the first morning, staff were waiting for me to explain how we were going to manage this. There had been a lot of press and social media post about schools, not all pleasant. I had been working most of the weekend on rotas, risk assessments and trying to get some understanding of what this new schooling would look like..

In addition, playing games is an activity that can be undertaken with family members or friends and even with strangers, and it promotes social interaction and exchange with different generations. Furthermore, it is an inexpensive leisure activity that involves a wide range of tasks from simple ones as in bingo to complex ones as in bridge, and such games can be adapted to the level of the players. Finally, elderly people with a physical disability, mild hearing or visual impairment can continue to participate in this stimulating leisure activity, irrespective of the season or the weather.

Among the violations we include such primitive ones as proxy voting, procurement of more than one ballot by some voters, attempts to stuff the ballot box by representatives of the local elections commissions or their friends, the so called carousel, flagrant bribing, etc. More significant were events such as suggesting a vote for candidate Yanukovich by the local elections commissions, remitting invites to vote with a pamphlet about candidate Yanukovich, personal advice on how to vote given by local election commission members, directors of establishments of employment and others in positions of influence. Russia and the not recognized Transdniester.

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