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More: Adrift in the South China Sea on a Boat Called Boy more than three years, China boycotted the entire proceedings, arguing that the PCA had no jurisdiction over the case and that the Philippines had promised to negotiate directly with China rather than resort to an international tribunal. But major powers urged China to hew to the panel judgment, which is binding and cannot be appealed. Still, the court decision is not enforceable.

Many animals are hunted as their bones are thought to contain medicinal properties that can be ground into tonics and sold for a high price even though there is no evidence to suggest this. Tigers are one of these animals that are sought after not only for its bones but also for its skin. Tiger skin rugs can fetch a hefty price for those who do not care that an innocent animal has lost its life so that the person is able to furnish their house with what they perhaps see as lavish animal skins whereas in fact they are merely the rotting remains that have been preserved for display..

He also seemed keenly aware of the dilemma he was creating for the Ukrainians, and how it might make them feel. Shouldn feel terrible, he said. We need from the President is to say, putting an honest prosecutor [on these investigations], and he will dig up the evidence that presently exists.

The global use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has already established new approaches to theatre education and research, shifting traditional methods of knowledge delivery towards a more visually enhanced experience, which is especially important for teaching scenography. In this paper, I examine the role of multimedia within the field of theatre studies, with particular focus on the theory and practice of theatre design and education. I discuss various IT applications that have transformed the way we experience, learn and co create our cultural heritage.

Here’s why you should check them out:(Max Martin/The London Free Press) THROUGH THICK AND THIN This new Wortley Village pizza shop might quickly become your new Friday night go to. Through Thick and Thin lives up to its name with both crispy, thin New York style pizzas and thick, doughy Detroit inspired offerings. If you’ve never had Detroit style pizza, give it a shot.

My dad had a little rough go. But in the end, he came through like he always does. He’s a fighter. Yeah, it is worth it. I laughing to myself cause I beat badass mode twice despite being really, really bad at the game. Also, this is only the second character I have managed to reach world 3 in badass with.

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