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Impeachment trial Day 5 highlights: Acquittal, closing arguments and a curve ballSenate acquits Trump on House charge he incited insurrection at the Capitol. Ducklo resigns after threatening reporterMcConnell maneuvered through Trump’s four years in office like a captain steering a ship through a rocky strait on stormy seas. Battered at times by vindictive presidential tweets, McConnell made a habit of saying nothing about many of Trump’s outrageous comments.

His attorney, Jason Baltz, argued that Brandenburg was going through a contentious divorce when he tried to sabotage the vaccine. He’s no longer in a position to tamper with any medication, Baltz said, noting that Advocate Aurora Health fired him in December and state regulators revoked his pharmacist license on Monday. He also has turned all his guns over to sheriff’s deputies, the attorney said..

TorrentFreak talked to the folks at Pirate Bay and confirmed that this wasn anything on their end. Comcast has blocked Pirate Bay once before, resulting in a legal battle. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia overturned that. The interior of the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City is photographed on Monday, Nov. 16, 2020. When it comes to politics, Utah has long claimed things are different here.

We suffered a dictatorship until 1975. The climate was against police and pro reo. It was good to abolish capital punishment and other relics. So, investing ethically is not. Cut out any company for any reason that anyone finds bad. It looking at your values and expressing the important ones when you invest.

The Republicans have increasingly chosen the second path. The party’s embrace of voter suppression is one way they have tried to undermine democracy. The rhetorical effort to paint any anti Republican politics as illegitimate is another. Divestiture of the skin care business is further evidence of our commitment to concentrate our resources on doing what we do best developing innovative products that go in or on the eye,” said William M. Carpenter, president and CEO of Bausch Lomb. Maker and marketer of skin care products, has “a rich heritage in the skin care industry with a long track record of success.”.

Still, requests for rent and food assistance in January have been pouring in, possibly as a result of of closing restaurants, which causes a cascade effect on hotels and other businesses, Sand said. Last week, for example, 250 households needed food distribution assistance, up from around 185 the week before, she said. The weekly food distribution takes place Wednesdays at the Aspen Golf Course..

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