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This article interrogates the commissioning, production and distribution of Digital Storytelling made through collaborations between academics, practitioners and community groups. In this context, Digital Storytelling is defined as a workshop based process where participants gain the skills and knowledge needed to tell a personal story using their own words and imagery. It starts with a recognition that the development of new forms of media activity enabled by digitalization have led directly to new modes of community based media which, in turn, have created spaces for practitioners that emphasize the importance of the voice of the participant.

Freymiller’s Liquor License Neighbors heard from the applicants of a new liquor license for the former Jo Beck’s bar on Thursday. Concerns were raised regarding some of the long standing issues, especially regarding noise. The Alcohol License Review Committee will be holding a public hearing on the application at their December 16th meeting at 5:30 pm.

In this video Amy Salinger ‘stylist extraordinaire’ shows us how to our winter scarves. Amy knows what she’s doing and works with a model in the video. There are several different options in the video and the ties range from complicated to very simple.

Facebook will also gain the ability to target users with ads according to their Open Graph activity. For example, Southwest Airlines could target anyone who said they to Mexico. This highly accurate targeting, not just about what users Like but about what they do, could fetch a high price from advertisers and bolster confidence from investors leading up to Facebook IPO this summer..

Democrats will be furious because he essentially made their case for impeachment while arguing against it on a thin constitutional argument. Trump will hate it for obvious reasons. Does it lead to a censure vote or 14th Amendment vote? Does a prosecutor try to use it in criminal court? Or is it just a way for him to try to have it both ways?Go deeper: Senate acquits TrumpMore from : Sign up to get the latest market trends with Markets.

(c) Operators must obtain an approved site plan from Traffic Engineering and Zoning showing the location of the vending operation on the property in relation to existing parking lots, streets, driveways, and public rights of way. (d) Operators shall maintain valid health and vending licenses. (e) No free standing vending operation may be located within twenty five (25) feet of a restaurant or restaurant tavern.

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