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The discourse of managerial expertise favours rational analysis and masculine ideals but contemporary management literature also recognises the value of well being and employee voice in the workplace. Drawing upon narrative analysis of interview data, we share unique insights into the lived experiences of Laura, one female project manager who recently managed a construction site in the Midlands in the UK. In contrast to previous research which indicates that female managers tend to conform to quite a traditional set of gender behaviours, Laura embraces a range of workplace appropriate gendered strategies, such as hard work and horseplay, together with sensitivity and caring.

Further, did you know that by simply spitting in a tube, you can also learn about the regions of your family origin? You can discover interesting trivia about your personal like or dislike of cilantro or your tolerance or intolerance of dairy products. And you can potentially learn about risk factors for hereditary conditions. This is all because within your spit lies three more very important letters: DNA the unique fingerprint of molecules that makes you, you.

With the ever increasing number of software metrics being introduced by capability based processes, software development organisations are finding it more difficult to understand and interpret metric scores. This is particularly problematic for senior management and project managers where analysis of the actual data is not feasible. This paper proposes a method with which to visually represent metric scores so that managers can easily see how their organisation is performing relative to quality goals set for each type of metric.

The identification of early markers that predict the development of specific social trajectories is critical to understand the developmental and neurobiological underpinnings of healthy social development. We investigated, in infant rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta), whether newborns’ capacity to imitate facial gestures is a valid predictive marker for the emergence of social competencies later in development, at one year of age. Here we first assessed whether infant macaques (N=126) imitate lipsmacking gestures (a macaque affiliative expression) performed by a human experimenter in their first week of life.

I believe it’s very much a test to the soul of our nation and our willingness to be broader in scope, to be open minded, to have a big tent approach to our nation as opposed to being an isolationist nation, closed minded or intolerant or punitive in our approach to life and other people around us. I think that this is a moral crossroads for America. We haven’t met something like this since the Civil Rights Movement..

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