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You do not need to be logged in to Facebook to install this plugin, but to like, share or recommend a page you will need to log in to a current Facebook account, or create a new one. While the plugin is installed, it will display the total number of likes for the page you are viewing. To provide a personalized experience, Facebook will see some technical information such as the URL of the page you are on, your IP address and the date and time you visited the site.

L’cran en soi est quelque chose. La navigation dans les listes (d’artistes, etc.) ou les pages Web se fait en glissant le doigt la surface de l’appareil. Plus on glisse rapidement, plus a dfile vite. Comme c’est mon blog et que j’y cris ce que je veux et illustre mes notes comme je veux aussi. Je vais donc mettre la couverture du bateau d’Emile o on voit ma mre sous une espce de porche d’une ruine en pierre. J’aime beaucoup cette photo que j’ai l’impression de voir sortie d’un film d’Antonioni.

Since lung cancer survival rates are higher with earlier diagnosis, there is need to diagnose cases earlier. To ensure that THIN was a valid source of lung cancer information for research, a study was done to assess the completeness and representativeness of the lung cancer data in THIN by comparing the lung cancer patient characteristics, incidence and survival in THIN with the UK National Cancer Registry and the National Lung Cancer Audit Database. Experian’s Mosaic Public Sector variable linked into THIN database was then used to identify detailed profiles of the UK sectors of society where lung cancer incidence was highest as a means of exploring the potential of using this geo demographic tool to facilitate disease ascertainment..

Feels like we building the first car in the world and that it still looks a little like a horse cart, he says. Think we need to calibrate stuff, and get some things right, like how many people can be in a store at the same time. And what exactly we should sell don know that yet.

This growth has an counterintuitive consequence: As the brands get big online, they go offline.Moving into meatspaceQuint quotes Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn, who says what almost half of would be pants buying customers weren into it because they wanted to feel the product, and, maybe more telling, cost of marketing a Web site and the cost of free shipping both ways was approximating a store expense. (Something which isn stopping Zappos from building a city, but we digress). Younger brands, Quint notes, are also experimenting with physical shops: Frank Oak had a holiday popup and so did Everlane.GapfindingThe winners of this not quite Warby free for all will be those that find the cracks left by the big brands, Quint says, noting that Frank Oak makes J.

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