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This liveblog has now ended, but you can relive how election night and much of Day 2 unfolded below. If it isn’t displaying, click this link to access it on the National Post website. Election exit polls: Just two in 10 national voters say COVID 19 was their biggest issue.

The Middlesex London Health Unit began administering the second dose of the shot to residents of long term care homes and high risk retirement homes last week and has already given the final shots to half of the group.The second shot push comes as London Health Sciences Centre’s Western Fair Agriplex vaccine clinic works to administer the final doses to select front line health workers. It reopened Monday following a two week shutdown triggered by the critical nationwide shortage of vaccine doses.For the time being, the health unit and LHSC are administering second doses only to people who have received their first shot.Article content continued”For us, we’re continuing to develop additional infrastructure so when we get the green light, in policy or supply, that we can hit the ground running. With the vaccine supply being so precarious, it really is a day by day thing.

This report was the work of the CCOC Subcommitte on Police and Community Relations before we changed the committee to the President’s Work Group to facilitate reporting in a more timely manner. The recommendations will move forward to the Council meeting later Tuesday night. If you want to speak you are welcome to join us but please consider registering at the Council meeting.

IVAN WATSON: There are fears because the Turkish military has openly called for cross border incursions as early as April of this year. And where I traveled in the Southeast, the region is heavily militarized. There is a huge Turkish troop build up.

Instead of a meat market or pick up joint, you’ll find a cool, relaxed vibe, where your income level and occupation just don’t matter. Instead of loud, thumping techno music that makes conversation impossible without screaming, you’ll hear steel drums with a cool breeze and lots of laughter. Sound great? It is.

Sometimes doing the right thing takes sacrifice. It is fucking hard to transition to vegan, and it is hard on your friends and family as well. But don let that mess up your critical thinking. Another sign of spring that is new this year is that of professional soccer on the pitch at Breese Stevens Field. Madison Forward FC played their first home game in snowy conditions in late April (the frozen tundra of Breese?), with attendance at around 4,500 people. This marks a significant achievement in the adaptive repurposing of an historic asset in our parks system.

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