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Traffic calming is another option. Fortunately, the upcoming reduction in speed limit on E. Washington to 25mph should help. “They are different, but they are the same monster. They’re the same beast. That’s the comparison I was making.”. In a separate tweet, she’s photographed wearing it. It’s not an aesthetically ambitious mask. Not a special one with a FLOTUS insignia.

So yes, HoloLens has a certain rigidity that the Magic Leap didn’t match, but it wasn’t always an advantage. The hand gestures that you use to manipulate the holograms need to be very precise, and those interactions often call up icons and menus in 3D space. In general, it feels like the experience was designed by engineers it seems Microsoft can’t help but be Microsoft, even when it’s innovating..

Come to the place where I sharing some of your concerns, Meeks said. Charlene Fite (R Van Buren) and Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh (R Van Buren), spoke up for trusting educators to know best how to do their jobs. A woman wedding dress says a lot about her personal style and Wendy decision to choose a vintage inspired dress by Stephanie Allin, a dead ringer for Audrey Hepburn iconic Givenchy dress at the 1954 Oscars is no coincidence. At their wedding three years ago, Shane and Wendy invited family and close friends to their nuptials, reportedly at her behest. Wendy is a classic case of wearing your clothes instead of them wearing you and she has perfected it down to a T..

Thought she had been shot this morning after a bullet pierced her rear window. Hysterical, she drove quickly to MPD’s West District Station which is a very short distance away. There, officers determined she had not been shot, but injured likely by shards of glass which flew when her window was broken.

Keep employees motivated and committed for the long term, by helping them develop skills over several years. Deliver well trained, highly skilled employees who add value both directly and through their ability to coach, mentor and train other team members. The costs Degree apprenticeships:.

But on the eve her fans first heard Speak Now, Swift told us she was filled with fear. “These songs are basically my journal entries from the last two years,” she explained, “and that of course makes me much more vested in how people hear them.” In the end, she could rest easy. The album sold more than 1 million copies in its first week and went on to win two Grammys and a spot on Rolling Stone’s “Women Who Rock: 50 Greatest Albums of All Time” by female recording artists..

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