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My expereince with loco data loggers is that the information need to be varified as correct before you can use it. Things like varfaible wheel diameter, time based recording can make it very difficult to determine where the train actually was and what speed it was actually doing. No one callibrates them too often.

Five people who prosecutors allege are associated with the Proud Boys were arrested Thursday and charged with crimes connected to the Jan. 6. Riot. Both Lake Mendota and Monona rose about 5 inches following the rain we received last Sunday and Monday. Lake Mendota is currently one foot below the 100 year elevation and 6 inches below the storm High. Lake Monona sits 1 inch over the 100 year flood elevation.

Ultimately, the on screen versions of Kate and Tully fail to spark any real feeling. I want Kate to be more assertive, to fight for what she wants and get it. I want Tully to stop self destructing. The Division also posted a new interactive map for the community to keep updated on the progress in each watershed study. This is a continued effort to address areas hardest hit by flooding last summer. Communication is welcome via phone, email, or scheduling an appointment.

Overall, we obtained over 8,000 quality controlled DBLa sequences. Within our sampling frame, the global population had a total of 895 distinct DBLa ”types” and negligible overlap among repertoires. This indicated that var gene diversity on a global scale is so immense that many genomes would need to be sequenced to capture its true extent.

NOTICE: The Board of Health Madison Dane County may, by proper motion and majority vote, convene in closed session during the course of Legislative File No. Deliberating concerning a case which was the subject of any quasi judicial hearing before the Board, under Wis. Stats.

On Tuesday, the United Arab Emirates proudly announced that its Hope probe had successfully entered Mars’ orbit. Similar to Turkey’s planned mission, the UAE venture marked the 50th anniversary of the unification of the UAE seven emirates. Responding to critics who questioned the value of spending millions on space exploration at a time when Turkey’s economy is performing poorly, Turkey industry and technology minister said the space programme will make Turkey an important player in the “space economy”.

A real time emotion detection system based on electroencephalogram (EEG) measurement has been realised by means of an emotion detection headband coupled with printed signal acquisition electrodes and open source signal processing software (OpenViBE). Positive and negative emotions are the states classified and the Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma frequency bands are selected for the signal processing. It is found that, by using a combination of Power Spectral Density (PSD), Signal Power (SP) and Common Spatial Pattern (CSP) as the features, the highest subject dependent accuracy (86.83%) and independent accuracy (64.73%) is achieved, when using Linear Discrimination Analysis (LDA) as the classification algorithm.

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