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Analysis: The proposed amendment adds $250,000 of TID 36 borrowing for the undergrounding of utility wires on Jenifer Street from Williamson Street to Few Street in 2018. The undergrounding of utility wires will enable larger canopy trees to be planted on the street medians. The model proposed by this amendment is a pilot for partial undergrounding.

We noticed a similar gap in performance when we tested the Buds Pro indoors with a recording of airport noises such as footsteps, chatter, wind and engine whirring playing on our speakers. Once again, Samsung’s earbuds made all of these noises quieter but didn’t fully block out anything. On the other hand, the AirPods Pro almost fully silenced the ambient wind noises, leaving just some soft footsteps and the announcements coming over the PA.

It is a plot line, a point of discussion. It shows the complexity of the issue and the biases we all have. It doesn’t celebrate or glorify the false accusation of a man. Staff’s primary concern is with Conditional Use Standard 5, specifically with the adequacy of the parking supply. This condition states that the Plan Commission must fin that, “adequate utilities, access roads, drainage, parking supply, internal circulation improvements, including but not limited to vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, public transit and other necessary site improvements have been or are being provided.” The Planning Division recognizes both the neighborhood sensitivity to parking concerns and the options the applicant provided as part of this application, including the alternative forms of transit serving the site. The applicant is proposing a “Traffic Management Plan,” which includes several initiatives to incentivize alternatives to driving to the site.

Even if we mark Father Day on our calendar weeks in advance (it June 21 this year, BTW), we somehow always end up on the hunt for a last minute gift. It probably because our dad is notoriously hard to shop for. Unless you plan on buying him a boat of course, which is just slightly out of our budget.

Digitizing the archival materials also will create a double burden for preservation because there will be a need to preserve both the original records and the new digital versions. “Digital technologies are always changing, so maintaining the physical copies requires ongoing monitoring for data loss, data degradation and obsolescence. And then migrating them into new formats as formats become obsolete,” he said.

As famed trainer Jillian Michaels once put it, you want to be a calorie burning machine, HIIT is the key. Puts a unique spin on the practice by combining it with technology and behavioral psychology, then adding a dash of spontaneity. To start, club members never know what to expect at each class can be speed focused, endurance training, or more strength based.

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