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A few weeks ago, nude photos began to circulate of Carly Rae Jepsen, snapshots which allegedly featured the singer brandishing her pierced nipples. As it turns out, those photos weren real; the images were actually of a 21 year old Internet model who apparently has no qualms about taking her clothes off in front of the camera on a fairly regular basis. Catastrophe averted, right? Unfortunately, things only got worse from there..

Burberry’s Art of the Trench campaign redefined UGC in the digital era. It’s simple, really the best way to show how great your product is is to show real, fashionable people wearing your product . And looking damn good doing so. Most people think you have to be a lawyer to be an expert negotiator. Kwame argues that this isn’t true. Since we are constantly negotiating every day, we have the ability to level up our skills to become experts in debating and negotiating.

I think the essence here is that the kid love of the tradition and culture comes from an innocent place. The parents are trying to make her happy, and the foggy lens they have exposes their own lack of knowledge which makes it cringy and elicits an icky feeling in us due to the horrible way we have been represented in Western culture. I think without the poorly done white makeup and trigger inducing hands clasped, the optics of this photo would been less of a thing on the internet..

To increase the validity of the data and the findings, I used both methodological and data source triangulation.The findings of this study indicated that there were a variety of activities taking place at the TDCs and that some of them were of little relevance to TPD. The majority of teachers were involved in the TDC activities and that some teachers noted in themselves some transformation. However, the findings also revealed that teacher involvement in the TDC activities was constrained by limited access to the TDCs due to the long distances which some teachers had to travel to the TDCs; teachers’ desire for workshops and monetary gains due to poverty; ineffective management of TDCs due to variations in the composition of the TDC committee members whereby some members had little formal education; limited coordination of the TDC activities due to lack of training of the TDC coordinators in TPD and the TDC coordinators had too many roles and responsibilities which were in conflict with those of the coordination of the TDCs; inadequate resources in the TDCs to support teachers in their PD; and lack of clear policy guidelines in the operations of the TDCs.In light of the findings of this study, it was concluded that the TDCs as a support strategy for the PD of teachers were implicit because they did not exert much influence on TPD.

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