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EDIT: yea that didn’t happen, sorry. TL/DR: Anyone order prescription sunglasses through Ray bans site?Has anyone had a good experience recently ordering prescription sunglasses through Ray Ban’s website?After investing a lot of time into finding the perfect sunglasses for my first prescription pair I ordered the ones I wanted through Ray Ban’s website.They let you customize everything and the site is very well built and easy to use. I sent in my prescription and got a message back from their RX team saying they got it, had everything they needed from me and would notify me when my glasses were shipped.

Then, he makes a grave mistake, and needs to go away for a while. When he returns, his brother has done another tour in Iraq, his lady has taken up with the local police chief (Forest Whitaker) and he has little to do but put his life back in order. His brother, though, seems intent on getting mixed up with illicit mill brawling.

On a ete a l’Aquarium, plus grand d’Amerique du Nord disent ils. Requins qui tournent, raies qui volent et dauphins qui sautent a volonte (et nagent sur le dos avec un gros canard en plastique entre les pattes !?!). L’ide c’est un seul volume d eau sur 5 etages, on monte les tages d abord autour, puis on redescend a l interieur, en spirale, (D.

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Melanie Martinez (1 1:40, Mountain Stage) The Mountain Stage was transformed into a children’s playpen for the discomforting first act of the day. Martinez skipped around the stage while behind her the word “crybaby” was spelled out with oversized toy blocks. Creepy visuals aside, the music veered more toward electronic and goth, centred around a dark, Harley Quinn esque reinterpretation of Lesley Gore’s It’s My Party.

As I said, I’ve supported citizen initiatives in the past and believe there is a place for them in our system of governance. But these referenda represent a poorly crafted set of ordinances with unintended and self defeating consequences. No matter how passionately you feel about these issues, passing these referendum questions is not the right way to get this work done.

We had very high hopes for Vizio’s first OLED TV mainly for the promise of affordability. And they managed to deliver the core principles of OLED here: deep blacks and vibrant color. The panel delivers deep blacks, vibrant colors and a solid amount of brightness.

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