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I’ve got 20 years on you and have worn some sort of lenses since I was 14. Negative diopters, as I’m near sighted) hasn’t changed that much. What has changed over time (and the increasing sophistication of the machinery used to diagnose eyesight issues) is changes in astigmatism as well as drastic age related changes in near field focusing.

Amateur competitors exercised significantly more (6.4 h) than non competitor recreational exercisers (4.6 h). Amateur competitors also scored significantly higher on the EDS. Significant effects were found between competing and self esteem concerning ED.

After much ado was made about this situation, it seems Samsung has finally decided to backtrack on its stance on messing around with benchmark scores. According to a new report by Ars Technica, Samsung has removed its code responsible for maxing out hardware on benchmarking apps. This was also confirmed by an independent developer on Twitter..

Similarly, Oakley Costa Del Mar who pushed lens technology have gone in the same direction. Then there are some brands (lesser known) who still focus on luxury or lens tech. Etnia Barcelona for instance. Or the vile, batrachian Manxmen. But I do like hawks and falcons. And ravens.

You seen my glasses? I need them right now. This point, it was all I could do to keep from laughing hysterically. I knew if I did that sort of thing, I would be in a lot of trouble. He cares little for science or its fictions.One secret to Bradbury’s lifelong productivity is that his play and his work are the same. When asked, “How often do you write?” Bradbury replies, “Every day of my life you got to be in love or you shouldn’t do it.”His new novel, “From the Dust Returned,” will be published by William Morrow in October. I think the reason my stories have been so successful is that I have a strong sense of metaphor.

Voters who moved within 28 days of the election will not have been at their new address long enough to establish residency for voting purposes. Voters in this situation are eligible to vote at the polling location for their previous address. Register at the polls on Election Day with Proof of Address 10.6% of Absentees Yet to be Returned (as of 10/29).

Only watched the first vid, but I actually say that the stuff you taking from sp7 is actually holding you (and most of the the “inspired videos” posts on this sub) back from making something good. You seem to have good comedic timing, an interesting personality and competent video making skills. All of that shrivels away, for me at least, when you copying directly from sp7 with the music, the freeze frame effects, etc.

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