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Purpose: The increasing use of robotics within modern factories and workplaces not only sees us becoming more dependent on this technology but it also introduces innovative ways by which humans interact with complex systems. As agent based systems become more integrated into work environments, the traditional human team becomes more integrated with agent based automation and, in some cases, autonomous behaviours.Design/methodology/approach: This paper highlights the increasing integration of robotics in everyday life and examines the nature of how new novel teams may be constructed with the use of intelligent systems and autonomous agents.Findings: Areas of human factors and human computer interaction are used to discuss the benefits and limitations of human agent teams.Research limitations/implications: There is little research in (human robot) (H R) teamwork, especially from a human factors perspective.Social implications: H R teams hold a great deal of social and organisational issues that need further exploring. Only through understanding this context can advanced systems be fully realised.Originality/value: This paper is multidisciplinary, drawing on areas of psychology, computer science, robotics and human computer Interaction.

That takes energy. Which mostly we get from fossil fuels. Which release carbon. In just more than six months since the November 4 launch of Kinect for Xbox 360, Microsoft has done a complete 180 when it comes to hacks. The company has gone from not condoning hacks, to not protecting them by design to supporting hacks with a software development kit (SDK), which was released at its MIX developer conference in Las Vegas.This development kit means we can expect a slew of new applications coming out soon, making it the perfect time to look back at the innovators who managed to create some unique hacks for the gaming hardware without any software support, aside from open source drivers from other hackers.Take a look below for Kinect fueled UIs, music videos, remote controlled helicopters and more, and let us know your favorites in the comments.7 Mind Blowing Xbox Kinect Hacks6. Kinect Helps the BlindHere’s a hack that is both cool and practical.

Based on the season so far I say we played above expectations and there a lot to be hopeful for coming out of that game. Even with glaring problems at the line we have a deep running back lineup, great receiver weapons, and a quarterback that can sling it even with a defense right in his face every time (less pressure would surely help his TD:int ratio). Our young corners played pretty well considering the opponent, and even with hunter missing I thought the D line was decent in stopping the run and putting some pressure on one of the best scrambling QBs out there..

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