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In this study, we dissect the impact of IFNs on the regulatory networks of human PCs. We show that core PC programs are unaffected, whereas PCs respond to IFNs with distinctive transcriptional responses. The IFN stimulated gene 15 (ISG15) system emerges as a major transcriptional output induced in a sustained fashion by IFN in PCs and linked both to intracellular conjugation and ISG15 secretion.

A Jan. 26 investigation by The Seattle Times revealed that Overlake Medical Center Clinics informed about 110 donors who gave more than $10,000 to the hospital system that limited vaccination slots were available. Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett also invited donors, board members and fundraising campaign volunteers for first dibs to the vaccine on Jan.

OMG! I laying in bed, leaning my head and shoulders against the headboard and laughed so hard I cracked my back! I know what your saying. I had to prep for my colonoscopy last month and had the same issue. That drink hit me so hard I didn have time to drop my shorts before she irrupted.

This Registered Replication Report (RRR) assessed the size and variability of the effect of time pressure on cooperative decisions by combining 21 separate, preregistered replications of the critical conditions from Study 7 of the original article (Rand et al., 2012). The primary planned analysis used data from all participants who were randomly assigned to conditions and who met the protocol inclusion criteria (an intent to treat approach that included the 65.9% of participants in the time pressure condition and 7.5% in the forced delay condition who did not adhere to the time constraints), and we observed a difference in contributions of 0.37 percentage points compared with an 8.6 percentage point difference calculated from the original data. Analyzing the data as the original article did, including data only for participants who complied with the time constraints, the RRR observed a 10.37 percentage point difference in contributions compared with a 15.31 percentage point difference in the original study..

Responding to concerns about media coverage of science, the American Meteorological Society has launched an initiative aimed at promoting TV weather forecasters to the position of “station scientist,” and equipping them to cover a broad range of science topics in addition to tomorrow’s weather. Experts emphasize there is no way to connect a specific local weather event to global warming. But there are plenty of opportunities for broadcast meteorologists to raise public awareness, they say.”Here’s how I would use that pulpit,” says Schneider, citing as an example the record drought in Phoenix, which ended March 11 after 143 days.

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