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This year I (and many others) have been playing a lot more multiplayer games with friends and family, due to the pandemic, and honestly I think that there a lot of interesting stuff out there (you mentioned some of them). I wish there was a bit more variety in AAA competitive games, but those target a more audience and it hard to please those people so there is not much room for innovation when you have budgets of 100m+. Age of Empires 2 and Rise of Nations also took up a tonne of my time (and it great to be able to replay AoE2 and it plays so well in the Definitive Edition).

Parly said at the Shangri La Dialogue in June 2019 that Paris would continue to sail in the South China Sea more than twice a year and urged other like minded countries to follow to maintain open access in the waters. Beijing has long protested against the presence of foreign warships near the South China Sea, and claimed that France recognised China’s sovereignty in the waters, including over the Spratly Islands. The islands, which China calls the Nansha Islands, were once occupied by France.

Individual Sellers shipping time: most were pretty fast, I placed all of my orders separately, some items took longer to be shipped to the warehouse than others, Aooko in particular took a while but if you know him he’s just like that, we speak so often he’s like one of my besties now though. I contacted him through WhatsApp because the Superbuy agents weren’t getting anywhere with him. After you place an order on Superbuy, the website won’t let you contact the seller for 7 days which is fairly annoying because I don’t want to wait 7 days for it to be shipped to the warehouse and then wait a few more days for it to get to the warehouse, and then wait for it to go to the warehouse to me.

In addition, attending all of your doctor appointments can not only get your money via a settlement or judgment, but it can help you with your medical costs in the here and now as well. New York is a no fault state, so your insurance should cover your medical bills regardless of fault or liability. But play hooky from the doctor, and you may find your insurance company denying your claims, and it won take long for the bills to pile up to the rafters if that happens..

Found out that he was getting bullied over the fact that his dad was incarcerated, she said. Took a toll on his personality. He wasn the same kid that I was used to seeing. At the end of the year when it tax time, you need to claim half of your capital growth as earnings. Or in other words 1/2 of your gained +$250 from stocks/ETFs/investments is taxable income. Meaning, instead of just paying tax on your $1000 from work, you also need to settle up and pay tax on another $125 ($250/2) based on a total income of $1125..

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