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I found the design of the back panel to be similar to that of the Realme C11. Almost 75 percent of the back panel has a textured finish while the rest is plain. You get a rear mounted fingerprint scanner on the In 1b but I found it to be a bit too high for my liking.

There are different levels of thinning, which is changing the density of the lens, 1.67 is your best bet unless you have a crazy high prescription. If your prescription keeps getting worse then the lens may not appear to be getting thinner, or if you have a low prescription and they thin down anyways it does mostly nothing and you’re just giving them money. When they thin lenses we are talking by a mm or so, over the entire lens it can make a big difference to weight but not as much appearance.

These ray ban sunglasses are durable enough to be used in your daily life. Cheap sunglasses are a good affordable way to try new styles without having to invest too much. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, designs, frames, and lenses. Google’s newly launched line of Pixel smartphones will not only power the company’s smartphone dreams but also be the driving force behind the company’s new Daydream VR headset. Daydream View, unveiled at last night’s event in San Francisco, is a $79 (roughly Rs. 5,300) headset with its own controller that aims to become for virtual reality devices what the early Android phones were for smartphones..

But that not all the company has in the works. Said to me, when you launch three or four of these things you run out of ideas, Creed says. Like, really. Public transportation is one of the great equalizers of society; from the businesswoman commuting to a posh office building to the homeless man riding to escape extreme weather, everyone must pay a fee and endure the usually crowded, sometimes bumpy ride to arrive at their destination. Since you’ll be sharing a small space with strangers, it’s best to get an idea of who these travelers will be. Here’s a preview of some of the colorful commuters you’re sure to encounter on your next ride:.

Long before the mendacity of Donald Trump, Mark Twain observed there are lies, damned lies and statistics. The COVID 19 pandemic provided plenty of each, often in bewildering combinations. To sort fact from fiction, falsehood and flim flam, The Salt Lake Tribune assigned Jazz beat reporter Andy Larsen to “data columnist,” aka “coronavirus stats guy.” Writing in an avuncular, first person voice, Larsen explained the likes of “seven day moving averages” and “positivity rates” to those who were stumped by high school algebra.

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