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Set WeatherWhen Saquon Barkley entered the NFL, scouts, analysts, general managers and coaches insisted the New York Giants’ first round draft pick could do everything.A generational running back talent, some called him, with breakaway speed, elusiveness to leave tacklers empty handed, power and a wide receiver’s hands. “Touched by the hand of God” is how the Giants put it.So, Melissa Duhaime, PepsiCo’s director of sports marketing, didn’t think she was asking a lot when she made a request during the shooting of Barkley’s first commercial as a pro.By his reaction, you would’ve thought she had asked him to kick a game winning field goal.”Wait. You want me to dance?!”Pepsi chose Barkley as the perfect celebrity athlete to bring to life its message of unapologetic fun and, well, that meant busting a move.

I live in Japan and use Line to communicate with everyone except really old people. Stickers are as basic as language. It is an evolution of our current mode of communication and is quite expressive. For consumers, in car connectivity enables value add services, such as navigation, vehicle diagnostics, automated emergency calls and real time information about local traffic and nearby amenities. Telematics makes insurance tangible to the customer by increasing the potential for better risk management and more consumer touch points. The global telematics market is poised to grow exponentially in the future, with approximately 104 million new cars expected to have some form of connectivity by 2025.

Are a great way to boost your short term income while creating long term clients. A workshop gives people the opportunity to be your customer for just a day. This is an easy buying decision to make. UNINTERRUPTED is an athlete empowerment brand founded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter. The company is built upon the radical idea that all athletes should have a platform to express themselves without intermediaries. From this premise, a mission was born: to empower athletes from all walks of life to communicate in an unimpeded way and to be More Than an Athlete.

Indian Pharma sector has made rapid strides in both global and domestic market. But the growth pangs were severe for domestic players eyeing greater share of global pie. The slow down in generic approvals by USFDA, the payment problems witnessed in a few developing markets since the quarter ended December 2008 and accelerated genericisation and intense competition together meant slower growth in global revenues for the domestic players.

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