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Leaders of rival Palestinian factions began Egyptian brokered reconciliation talks in Cairo on Monday to try to heal long standing internal divisions, ahead of planned Palestinian elections later this year. Egypt has tried in vain for 14 years to reconcile Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas nationalist Fatah faction and its bitter rival Hamas, the armed Islamist movement that opposes any negotiations with Israel. Harry Rogers, 37, of Hanover County, was convicted of three counts of assault and battery, one count of destruction of property and one count of failure to stop at the scene of an accident in connection with the attack last June in Henrico County near Richmond, news outlets reported..

There are a total of five questions. You need to answer all the five questions correctly to take part in the lucky draw. Today first question is on World Animal Day, which is celebrated on October 4 every year. Dana on MMAFighting’s piece on Spencer Fisher: “He’s not the first and he’s definitely not going to be the last. This is a contact sport and anybody who’s ever done this younger, myself included, is dealing with brain issues. But the story of boxers taking too many hits and suffering cognitive effects is not new at all.

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said Thursday that he is redirecting 170,000 doses of unused vaccine intended for long term care facilities. In Texas, health officials said they would redistribute 126,750 doses. Please take a look at for his analyses of the proposed changes. The goal of the sponsors is to align our housing types and housing densities with the City’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan. Planning staff is working on an interactive map and an in depth staff report for the upcoming February 25 Housing Strategy Committee.

Wide deployment of such ITS can eventually provide more dynamic, real time and efficient solutions to transportation problems. ITS uses a variety of high technologies, especially electronic information technology and data communications technology to improve road traffic efficiency, road traffic safety and environmental protection. A number of researchers have depended on the wireless mobile communication to improve data collection and utilisation.

“What I would like to see is a staggering of that. The critical thing is the Government giving the dates by which people can open. What I hear from businesses above all else is they need to know when they are planning for. Last Monday, the Common Council adopted the 2018 Capital and Operating budget. The Council amended the Executive budget to fully fund 15 new patrol officers. The Public Market project continues to move forward.

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