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Long waterfront esplanade that connected the lake to the Capitol and surrounding community. In 1943, a greatly reduced park was constructed on filledland establishing the park’s current extents. Although the park provides a linear connection along the south edge of the isthmus, theshoreline green space is isolated from the greater downtown area by a six lane highway, railroad corridor and approximately 35 ft.

Will drivers come for the ride? Of course, GM promising to go electric doesn guarantee success. There a lot of work ahead. But Mabee believes GM can reach its goal, suggesting big manufacturers have the kind of heft needed to make technological improvements in key areas such as battery life and efficiency.

Halfway through Tesfaye’s stiff body movements and awkward, pseudo sensual hand gestures to the camera became uncomfortable. As Gertrude Stein once said, “there was no there there.” And like Aretha Franklin also said to describe a different pop star, it felt like Tesfaye had “great gowns, beautiful gowns” and not much else. With hope, when live shows return, they will be bigger and better and more fantastical than ever.

McDonald first started selling the Shamrock Shake in 1970. Over the years, the burger chain has brought back the original as well as variations like the “Shamrock Sundae” in 1980, a chocolate version in 2017 and the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry in 2020. The Shamrock Shake first went on sale nationally in 2012..

I discovered the adorable pastel hued (pink, white, and green) brownie shop along North Beverly Drive when heading to some stores in the area. There are 18 varieties of flavors that appeal to everyone, from the serious chocolate lover to the vanilla only (try the Pure Platinum Brownie). They have that gooey melt in your mouth consistency, tasting like they came right out of the oven at all times.

Castor began his presentation by giving off big “when you wait until the night before to do your school project” energy. He delivered a meandering monologue that never really came to a conclusive point, jumping from claims that Trump conduct was protected by free speech to seemingly unconnected “slippery slope” arguments. It was around this point that he openly admitted that he’d had to pivot after hearing the House Impeachment Managers’ presentation.

I think this speaks mostly to the kinds of people you have interacted with in the USA. White teeth are very much a status symbol since you have to be at least upper middle class to have them, so people go out of their way to have teeth whitening procedures done as sign of high social status. But if you went on a tour through an amazon packing plant you’d see a lot of people with missing or crooked or yellow teeth.

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