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Wagoner made his rebuttal to the arguments of Faulkner County attorney David Hogue and deputy attorney general Colin Jorgensen after a short break, with Wagoner starting by saying that attorneys for the state have become up in the idea that it better for children to be raised in a man/woman marriage. Using a Powerpoint presentation, he presented a quote from a brief filed before the Supreme Court by the America Psychological Association and supported by a host of large medical and psychiatric associations, in which the APA stated their belief that children raised in same sex households are just as healthy psychologically as those raised in heterosexual households. That quote kicked off over an hour of impassioned argument by Wagoner, all revolving around the idea that the right for heterosexuals to marry is a matter of liberty and due process, with Wagoner saying is a liberty issue, and citing previous federal and state court rulings that affirmed the right to marriage including the rights of interracial couples and convicts to marry..

Cayce “The Sleeping Prophet” would lie down and enter a state of altered consciousness, which allowed him visions of the future. They were alarming when I first read them, many years ago. They’re terrifying now. Bottom line up front: This proposal has three parts: 1) Expand the Snow Emergency Zone (SEZ). [Note: District 2 is almost all in the SEZ now, therefore this change applies ONLY to the small part east of the Yahara which is not in the SEZ.] 2) Make all streets within the SEZ year round Clean Streets/Clean Lakes (CSCL). [Currently about half of District 2 is year round CSCL.] 3) Eliminate the exemption of streets with parking only on one side from following SEZ parking rules..

I asked Harman about the pregnant shark. He denied the story, so I asked one of the guys cleaning the fish, and he said yes, there had been three or four pups, each two to three feet long. I went back to Harman to ask him why he denied it. This gentleman is adamant that he saving his alternator, and it important enough to him that he is willing to break the law to do it. Maybe if a car expert steps in (that you, by the way), he will hear the truth. I fully intend to send him your answer.

The US giant has silently made a few upgrades to the said battery clause and devices are now eligible for servicing if they have lost just 20% of their original capacity. This used to be set to 50%, but, under the new conditions you can practically bring your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch into an Apple store with an almost perfect battery and still be eligible for a repair, or, as is often the case, a replacement with a shiny new unit. Besides launching in more and more countries around the world, it has also been branching out in often odd ways, like the UberEATS food delivery service in Barcelona.

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